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Raffle Tickets

We’re selling a limited number of raffle tickets online, and the rest are being sold under the tent. If we sell out here you can always check on-site. This is how it will work. Fill in the information below and you’ll get a confirmation email. We’ll run your credit card and text a receipt to the phone number provided. We’ll then fill out your information on the ticket and text or email a photo of the ticket(s) so you know what your number(s) are. If you have any questions call Deirdre at 757.287.4932 or email deirdre@vbbt.com.


But you will be responsible for shipping costs. We will expedite shipping. Drawings for the Golf Cart, Shotgun and Bow will be done at the VBBT on the evening of August 25th. Drawing for the Rolex will take place via a Live Facebook event after all tickets have been sold. Follow Us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/virginiabeachbillfish/

  • Rolex Raffle Tickets

    We will continue to sell Rolex tickets until they are sold out. The drawing will take place during a live Facebook event. Details to follow.
  • Brand new, certified, two-tone Rolex Submariner.
    Price: $100.00 Quantity:


    Online raffle tickets must be paid by credit card. There is a 3.5% convenience fee.
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